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Has last year taken a toll on your body? Are you ready for something different and new? In these private sessions on the yoga ropes wall, there are endless possibilities of ways to traction, find spaciousness, length and freedom in your body. Yoga ropes are great for folks with back and hip pain, scoliosis, nerve issues and overall general aches and pains of the aging body. Not only that, it's a fun and playful way to invite new movement into your body. In a private 1 hour session we will practice strength while creating space and lightness, explore play and ease, fluidity and integration of body mind and soul. 


These sessions are designed specifically for your body and help to give it exactly what it needs to release and realign. These sessions are part traction, part yoga and pilates methods, and part body work. Often the body will feel quite different than it did walking out then it did walking in.


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